Andrea Plumb Therapies

Bowen and Emmett Therapies

Treat your body to effective Bowen and Emmett therapies available from AP Therapies.

Bowen Therapy is a non-invasive technique that has very few contraindications (reasons to avoid treatment) and is safe to use on almost everyone.

The therapy is based upon a practitioner performing a series of small moves on specific parts of the patient’s body to achieve cross fibre muscle release.

This release assists with the release of tension to help ease the pain.

The Emmett Technique of holistic healing involves light moves at certain points on the body. This is done in a sequence that enables the gentle release of muscles groups that desensitise these problem areas and unlock muscle memory.

The activation of muscle memory gives the brain the opportunity to re-evaluate the neuromuscular problem and adjust the pain you feel accordingly.

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