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Jaw Alignment (TMJ Reset)

TMJ Reset (Jaw Realignment)

Is your jaw misaligned?

Do you grind your teeth at night?

Have you had dental work that has left your jaw sore for days?

Do you have difficulty chewing or biting food and swallowing?

A number of these problems can worsen over time and create more complications, so it is important that you seek the right attention immediately to alleviate the situation.

A TMJ Reset, or Jaw Realignment is a homeopathic, biofeedback technique that looks at the patterns that exist within the body. It is similar to the principles of Cervical OrthoBionomy where it promotes a spontaneous self-correction without using force.

This dysfunction is often caused by stress, trauma, major injury or any number of issues, and is important to address because this excessive tightness can later attribute to decreased muscular function throughout the body.

This simple and non-invasive technique promotes the body’s own healing intelligence to realign bones, muscles and ligaments to rebalance the jaw.

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