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Massage therapy is a popular way to rid your body of stress, clear your mind, and, of course, heal sore, aching muscles. For many, seeking massage therapy is a treat, because it offers an hour of relaxation and healing, in a quiet, soothing environment. This is often just the change people need from their normal busy workdays.

Finding offices offering massage therapy is easy, but finding high-quality, certified masseurs can be a bit more difficult. If you are looking for not only a relaxing experience but also to receive help from a qualified masseur, AP Therapies comes highly recommended and has the experience and education to back all of their services up.

AP Therapies was started by a certified therapist, Andrea Plumb, who received her degree in remedial therapy over 15 years ago. Andrea is passionate about healing, soothing, and alleviating soreness in the body, and loves to help others finally experience relief. Her practice will do all that they can to provide healing techniques to ease your aches, including traditional as well as holistic therapeutic practices.

Massage therapy can help relieve muscle pain, loosen tight knots, and realign your spine, with targeted massage techniques. Of course, you wouldn’t want to trust your sensitive back and neck pain to just anyone, so it is best to seek one out from a qualified practice with years of experience.

The best massage therapies for a range of sporting and remedial needs.

AP Therapies offers a range of remedial massage therapies perfect for helping ease the pain or associated problems with sporting injuries, stiffness, general soreness and other relaxation therapies.

With specialties lying in various fields of massage including relaxation, and therapeutic deep tissue, AP Therapies is able to offer the exact service for your needs. Don’t let back pain or stiffness slow you down any further, rely on the experience and the expertise of the team at AP Therapies for your massage therapy.

We offer the following massage therapies:

Therapeutic Massage to Help Alleviate Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem that plagues many adults. Unfortunately, while back pain can strike suddenly, the underlying issues can build up over years. That is why correcting back pain is not quite so simple. Luckily, there are many ways to diminish and help repair sore backs, through different therapies and massage.

Andrea is a highly-qualified remedial and musculoskeletal therapist, offering relief through massage, and loves learning new massage and therapy techniques in order to better heal aching and throbbing pains. AP Therapies currently offers various forms of massage therapy, alignment therapies, energy healing therapies, Bowen therapy, Emmett therapy, and several others. Whether you need to correct pain or just need a soothing, relaxing experience, AP Therapies has a service tailored to your needs.

In Need of a Relaxing Massage? Schedule an Appointment with AP Therapies for Soothing Relief.

If you are seeking a certified, helpful massage therapy business, check out AP Therapies for the most innovative solutions, along with traditional massage favourites.

Not sure which type of massage therapy to book? A Bowen therapy massage is one of their safest techniques, offering small, healing movements, while their Emmett therapy technique uses holistic healing to target specific points along the body. In addition, AP Therapies offer services such as: trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and more.

If you would like to try a new massage technique, or simply receive a traditional deep tissue or targeted pain massage, contact AP Therapies.

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