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Trigenics is a neurological treatment system that resets the way the brain communicates with the body to instantly relieve pain, accelerate healing, and strengthen muscles. It involves applying 3 treatment techniques at the same time for a neurological effect which is much greater than if you only receive one. 

We combine reflex neurology with nerve-sensor manipulation and breathing biofeedback to trick the brain into changing the way it signals the muscles and the body. 

The 3 components are:
1. Resistive exercise neurology
2. Muscle nerve-sensor stimulation
3. Bio-feedback breathing 

During a Trigenics treatment, the therapist applies treatment to the muscle nerve-sensors while the patient performs specific resisted movement and breathing exercises. 

Trigenics is unique in that it can help identify these abnormal muscle signaling patterns using specific and simple muscle strength and length testing procedures and myoneural mapping. As well it provides innovative corrective nerve sensor treatment and training procedures using advanced principles in muscle neurology and neuroplasticity. 

Your brain sends signals throughout your nervous system through all parts of your body including your muscles. When tendons, muscle or ligaments suffer damage, stress, or injury their nerve sensors stop sending proper messages to the brain (known as neurological inhibition, “NI”) causing the sensation of pain. “NI” may not always be immediately noticeable, but the brain eventually then sends improper controlling signals and the muscles and tendons experience a state of neurological dysfunction, leading to weak links and abnormal muscle pull patterns in the movement chain causing imbalances and dysfunctional joint motion. This results in chronic pain and injury or decreased training and athletic performance. Patients are interactive participants rather than passive recipients in the treatment process.  

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