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Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing?

So what is the Human Energy Field and how was it discovered? It started back in 1903 around the same time that Dr. Hans Berger was theorizing about human brain wave frequencies. In 1903 Dr. Einthoven, a Dutch doctor and physiologist, created the Electrocardiogram, also known as the ECG or EKG. The EEG and the EKG can study the electrical field of the human body.

The work by Dr. Berger on the electrical frequencies of the brain and by Dr. Einthoven on the electrical frequencies of the heart, led to extensive research by the scientific community. It was now proven that both the brain and the heart had an electrical field and that it could be measured. In 1827 French physicist named Andre Ampere discovered that if there is an electrical current, there will be a corresponding magnetic current of the same size.

How does all this tie in to the concept of energy healing and the human energy field? Researchers have discovered that as certain energy practitioners do Energy Healing their electrical and magnetic fields are increased significantly enough to be recorded.

James Oshman, a scientist, wrote about such studies in an article titled Science and the Human Energy Field. In that article, he discussed research findings of Dr. John Zimmerman from the 1980’s at the University of Colorado of Medicine in Denver. Dr. Zimmerman measured the readings of hands on healing with a SQUID magnetometer, a machine more advanced than the EEG.

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