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Remedial Therapy

Remedial Therapy

If you are experiencing strains, sprains, spasms or muscle soreness, then remedial therapy is ideal for you.

Remedial Therapy incorporates a number of styles of massage, stretching and exercise to relieve muscle tension, inhibit muscle spasms, increase flexibility and help break down scar tissue to address a wide range of soft tissue problems.

It helps to treat and prevent musculoskeletal imbalances and promotes the body’s own healing systems and to address tendon and ligament complaints.

It’s popular with people who suffer from any type of debilitating joint disorder that causes pain.

Used often by athletes but also equally effective for non-sports people, new and old injuries can be treated successfully with remedial massage. After a deep massage session, you should expect to see an all-round health improvement – better sleep, increase in vitality and performance levels, and an increase in mobility.

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