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Deep Tissue Massage

Looking for a Deep Tissue Massage?

A deep tissue massage can offer you numerous benefits over other forms of massage therapy. This type of massage focuses more on the muscles and tissues that lie deep within the body, and help to realign them.

Those seeking deep tissue massage in Ipswich often do so to help with chronic pain or discomfort in areas such as the upper back, the neck, shoulders, and even leg muscles.

Though some of the techniques are the same as in more traditional forms of massage, a focus on slower movements and concentrated pressure – especially on those areas indicated as problems by the client – are more targeted, and reach into the deeper muscles and connective tissue.

While there can be some pain associated with a deep tissue massage, most clients ultimately feel that the benefits to them in the long term are worth the mild discomfort.

Working with a skilled massage therapist can help to mitigate some of this discomfort as well.

Andrea’s extensive experience with deep tissue massage as well as other forms of massage therapy, including but not limited to Swedish massage, and trigger point therapy, ensures that you get the results that you need out of your therapy.

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