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Marilee Chan
Marilee Chan
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I always leave Andrea feeling refreshed. Best therapist I've ever seen. Been coming back for more than 10 years, tried others and no one measures up!
marina whitchurch
marina whitchurch
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Andrea is a wonderfully skilled therapist who has given me great pain relief for various muscular and skeletal problems over the years. Andreas skill in a variety of therapies enables her to provide the best possible outcome for her clients. I have regular appointments to maintain a good level of comfort and mobility.
Robert Davey
Robert Davey
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Amazingly knowledgeable and talented therapist, I saw Andrea in her Dulong clinic and wouldn't go anywhere else
Jack Shortt
Jack Shortt
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Andrea was great, one of the best sports massages I’ve ever had!
Helen Parcell
Helen Parcell
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Well I actually adventured into the Tobacconist where I found a Nice, Well Mannered Lady who assisted me with my Enquires. Yes I have been into Coles where a Real Nasty Person Works here. This person is Responsible for the Burning, The Pouring Sump Oil & Poisoning the Neighbors Plants & Cutting Item's of Clothing to which were on the Neighbors back deck. Personally this Un-named Person should be posted on the NTH Side of Brisbane to Work, Not IPSWICH. The Manager of Coles should be Consulted as what a Worker does on the outside of a Workplace should be told to the Manager, then they know what type of people work there.
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith
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I highly recommend. I feel terrific after my treatment at the Dulong clinic. You don't realise how much you need this until you do. Cheers.
Anne Younger
Anne Younger
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Very happy with your service at the Sunshine Coast clinic. Andrea is a lovely lady who makes you feel comfortable. Great therapist.
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Fantastic lady. Great service. Go in crooked, come out straight. Been going here for many years.
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Totally recommend AP Therapies. I’m a squash player and I go to Andrea to limit injuries so I can stay on the court. I play my best squash after a treatment. Thank you Andrea, you really know your stuff.

Lee Conroy (May 2018)

I’ve been seeing Andrea for several years and I highly recommend her services. Professional, personable and very knowledgeable.

Jess Dominko (April 2018)

This lady has an amazing, insightful ability to help solve your physical challenges. As my job is very physical, being a landscaper, I have always had the need to seek good remedial therapists but really good ones are hard to find. Andrea is the best I have found by far. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Robert Davey (January 2018)

Have been going to Andrea for various back problems. Amazing relief in short time.

Ruth Hardie (July 2017)

I have been to Andrea many times and is an amazing therapist, very knowledgeable and confident with her techniques. Highly recommend. I have found that she gets booked out fairly fast.

Gwenda (June 2017)

I suffer from Fibromyalgia and also have back and muscular problems from every day life in general. I can tell you being in pain certainly takes its toll on you physically and mentally. I’ve now been seeing Andrea on a regular basis for 18 months and can honestly say that I feel so much better!

Andrea certainly is a master in the massage profession. Compassionate and caring with a great little air-conditioned studio. Andrea also offers Hicaps and eftpos.

Thank you so much Andrea you have greatly improved my quality of life and please don’t ever retire!

Lisa Puckeridge (January 2017)

I recommend Andrea Plumb…she most definitely can and does solve all body aches and pains

Ali Mac Skincare (July 2016)

After using massage therapists for most of my life due to the very physical nature of my work, I found Andrea Plumb to be an exceptionally talented and a multi skilled healer. I would highly recommend her to anybody.

Robert Davey (2016)

Andrea is a Muscle Whisperer. She’s a very knowledgeable and experienced therapist that really cares. I had a lot of pain in my back and neck and the doctors were just giving me painkillers. I had been to a number of therapists and I was getting very frustrated and disillusioned. Andrea was honest with me and helped me understand what was wrong and what needed to be done. I’m now pain free and so happy I found her. I can highly recommend Andrea.

Tom Handsome (2016)

Highly recommend going to see Andrea! She is very good at what she does.

Cassie Charnock (February 2015)

Andrea is amazing! I have received massages from her over the past few months and will go back again and again. I am glad I have finally found a really good therapist. The number of certificates on her wall shows that she knows her stuff.

I had a very painful back issues with limited movement for a number of years. After the first treatment I noticed less pain and an improvement my back and now 6 months on have better posture and am pain free. I now go for maintains treatments which I have learnt to book in advanced as appointment times get booked up very fast.

Gwenda Harvey (2015)

Andrea is fantastic. She fixed problems that every other doctor said they couldn’t. She also has lots of knowledge is open minded and willing to work in with other doctor’s. The best decision I ever made was to see Andrea and she has improved my quality of life immensely.

Erin Billi (2015)

I take my CP son to AP Therapies and before Andrea worked on him, he couldn’t turn his head. Now he has full range of motion. Best therapy I have ever taken him to.

Dawn Wyatt (2015)

Andrea was recommended by a number of other defence spouses when I arrived in Ipswich. I have had ongoing issues with my back and neck for the past 10 years. Andrea has been willing to try all methods of treatment; remedial massage, dry needling, cupping, finch therapy to assist with my ailments. I would highly recommend Andrea! Thanks again 🙂

Michelle J M (March 2013)

A friend told me about Andrea and the treatment has helped and if I keep up the exercises all should be well. I would recommend Andrea Plumb to others.

Sylvia D Beavis. (May 2012)

I was looking for someone local who could do Lymphatic Drainage Massage. My first treatment was successful and so have subsequent treatments helped me tremendously. The Myofascial Release treatment was quite amazing and very beneficial. The structural alignment exercises are also very worthwhile. I definitely would recommend Andrea, and I have already recommended quite a number of friends and relatives to visit Andrea.

Therese Stapleton. (May 2012)

While staying in another state, I had benefitted from multi-disciplined, integrated therapy and I hoped to find something similar in Brisbane, I found Andrea in the net to search for a specific therapy and was impressed by the breadth and depth of her training and by the descriptions of what she offers.

My hopes were realized, Through Andrea I have found highly effective treatments for back and hip pain and relief for stiff sore fibromyalgic muscles. Because Andrea is skilled in so many treatments modalities, each therapeutic session is different, beared to the specifics of the presenting body. As her treatments led to healing and changes in the body, so each therapeutic session changed. I really value such highly customised treatment.

I would really recommend Andrea Plumb to anyone with back pain and structurally related health problems. In fact, I regularly tell people that Andrea Plumb is the best physical therapist I have ever met.

Jacky Lowry. (February 2012)

My sister in N.Z. recommended AP Therapies for my pain relief. I would definitely recommend Andrea Plumb.

Pamela Guthne. (February 2012)

I was having problems with my left hip mis-aligning constantly. Through treatment with Andrea Plumb my hip now remains in a stale condition and I am able to continue my weight training without constantly having problems of hurting my back and muscles not activating properly.

Marie Winspear (February 2012)

Andrea was recommended to me by a friend as I have suffered migraines for years and after helping my friend with her problem I thought I would give her a try. It’s hard to believe that after some structural alignment and exercises that Andrea gave me that my migraines are a thing of the past. I highly recommend Andrea to anyone. Thanks again Andrea

Jack N (April 2010)

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