Andrea Plumb Therapies

Healing Experience with AP Therapies

Healing Experience with AP Therapies

Do You Need a Highly Recommended Massage Therapist in Ipswich or the Sunshine Coast? AP Therapies has the Healing Experience You Can Trust.

Having a Healing Experience with AP Therapies can do wonders for an overworked back or stressed and fatigued body. Massage therapists can help relieve muscle pain, loosen tight knots, and realign your spine, with targeted massage techniques.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to trust your sensitive back and neck pain to just anyone. Therefor, if you are in need of a massage therapist, it is best to seek one out from a qualified practice with years of experience. 

AP Therapies, offers quality holistic and traditional therapeutic practices at affordable rates.

Experience and Qualified Therapist

AP Therapies has an experienced and professional, certified masseurs. Andrea Plumb received a degree in remedial therapy. among her vast qualifications. AP Therapies has been exploring new and old methods of healing, in order to better service their clients’ needs.

They can provide spot targeted sessions, aimed at problem areas, as well as all over deep tissue massages. With extended evening hours and competitive pricing, AP Therapies is also a convenient option for anyone in the Ipswich or Sunshine Coast areas.

AP Therapies offers a qualified, professional massage therapist to help treat all of your body aches and pains.

Take some time for yourself

Life can be challenging at times and we can face many physical and emotional issues that can leave us drained or in pain. Book Now to treat yourself to a much needed healing experience with AP Therapies. Andrea has a unique gift of being able to attune to each clients needs on the day. This ensure each session leaves you more relaxed and feeling better.