Andrea Plumb Therapies

Massage Therapist on the Sunshine Coast

Massage Therapist on the Sunshine Coast

Massage Therapist Sunshine Coast

Andrea is warm and friendly and fully accredited. She invites you to contact her to book an appointment. 

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a popular way to rid your body of stress, clear your mind, and, of course, heal sore, aching muscles. For many, seeking massage therapy is a treat, because it offers an hour of relaxation and healing, in a quiet, soothing environment. This is often just the change people need from their normal busy workdays.

Massage therapy can help relieve muscle pain, loosen tight knots, and realign your spine, with targeted massage techniques. Of course, you wouldn’t want to trust your sensitive back and neck pain to just anyone, so it is best to seek one out from a qualified practice with years of experience. 

Andrea is a certified therapist, who received her degree in remedial therapy over 14 years ago.

Andrea is passionate about healing, soothing, and alleviating soreness in the body, and loves to help others finally experience relief. Her practice will do all that they can to provide healing techniques to ease your aches, including traditional as well as holistic therapeutic practices. This is what makes her the best massage therapist on the Sunshine Coast, in our opinion.

What Type of Massage Therapy Does AP Therapies offer?

AP Therapies offers the following massage therapies, at the Dulong clinic:

We offer our services to Sunshine Coast locals around the Nambour, Dulong, Montville and surrounding areas. Andrea is happy to answer any of your questions before booking the type of massage therapy that suits your needs. 

Book an appointment with Sunshine Coast Massage Therapist Andrea Plumb today! 

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