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Sports Injury Treatments including Knee injury.

Sports Injury Treatments

It’s a popular notion that only professional athletes can afford or need sports massage. The truth is that amateur recreationists are actually at a higher risk. Inexperience and lack of preparation can see them acquire the kind of strains and injuries, that Sports injury treatments can help heal or even prevent.

For those who don’t work out or stretch daily, Hamstrings and Achilles’ tendons are particularly vulnerable.

Fortunately, sports massage is close at hand for anyone in the Sunshine Coast, athlete or not.

What is Sports Injury Treatments?

Although the techniques used in sports massage was largely developed within the confines of professional sports, its benefits for all active lifestyles can’t be denied.

In conjunction with physical therapy, physicians are now recommending sports massage. The combination can help patients recover from soft tissue injury or surgery.

And these methods are not only helpful after a strain or injury has occurred, but they can also be applied as a preventative measure.

By improving circulation and the elasticity of muscles and tendons, the risk of muscle or ligament tear, cramping, and even dislocated joints can be greatly reduced.

Where can I get a Sports Injury Massage?

AP Therapies offers professional sports injury treatments to Dulong and the surrounding area.

It’s important to pursue a diagnosis with a physician for any acute or chronic injury. A sports massage can then be applied to aid the healing and recovery process.

A regular schedule of sports injury treatments can also help reduce the risk of future injury. It can relieve chronic muscle pain or strain, enabling you to enjoy your active lifestyle safely, and pain-free.

Andrea will assess each case and work aside other health professionals to ensure you receive the best possible care. Contact Andrea to book your session for the Sunshine Coast.

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