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Bowen Therapist for Chronic Pain or Injury

Bowen Therapist for Chronic Pain or Injury

Millions of people suffer from chronic pain or strain every day. Sitting for extended periods of time may cause clenching, or “spasm,” of the muscles in the lower back, shoulders, neck, and legs. Does this sound like you? You need a Bowen Therapist for Chronic Pain or Injury.

Even professional athletes, who routinely stretch and work their muscles, suffer from chronic pain caused by strains, sprains, and bone injuries.

Treatment Recommendations

Recommendations for treatment or therapy may differ from one physician to another. It’s important for patients to consider every available option. This includes a quality massage or Bowen therapy sessions.

AP Therapies offers a variety of services for patients seeking effective and non-invasive alternatives to medical pain relief. One of the services includes a practising Bowen therapist, in Dulong, Sunshine Coast area.

What is Bowen Therapy?

Massage techniques have been used to treat pain for centuries in many parts of the world. Bowen therapy is a relatively recent addition to the scene. It’s named for Australia’s own Tom Bowen (1916-1982). This technique is based on the idea that the body can be manipulated and “reset” in order to release adhered scar tissue and muscle spasm.

A 2011 a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that more than 50% of studies reported reduced pain and increased mobility in patients who saw a Bowen therapist.

Andrea Plumb practices this revolutionary and non-invasive technique as a Bowen therapist at AP Therapies. For your convenience we are located in Dulong on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Bowen Therapy Sessions

Slight, but very specific, movements guided by a specialist can cause cross-fibre muscle release, relieving painful tension. If you suffer from an injury or chronic pain, don’t wait until all other options have failed. Visit a Bowen therapist for chronic pain or injury and enjoy safe, fast, and effective pain relief. Book Now

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